Living in Amarillo comes with a lot of perks! We have incredibly nice people, great restaurants, low living expenses... but our one downfall, without a shadow of a doubt, is the wind.

If you have ever felt alone in this battle against our wind, here is some Panhandle people feeling your pain!

1.) The question we all ask every day.

 2.) The struggle of being an Amarillo girl.

3.) God bless the smell of money.
4.) Our wind makes a bad day worse.

5.) Sarcasm.

6.) Just let it out.

7.) Truth.
8.) Not even a pony tail can save us.

9.) WHY!?
10.) Shaving it all off is our best bet.

11.) Dirt... always... in our mouths...

12.) Forever waiting on a answer.

13.) At least we have nice people?

14.) Always.


16.) When you just feel it in your bones...