The Amarillo Police Department is looking for a suspect involved in an accident that injured an APD Motor Officer.  According to witnesses, after the collision between the suspect motorcycle and the officer’s motorcycle, the suspect ran from the scene. The operator of the motorcycle was male and had a female passenger. They ran the red light at Canyon and Georgia. The motorcycle continued south to 45th before turning east and going the wrong way under the overpass. He went across the access road and hit a curb on the east side of the access road. The motorcycle went down. The passengers ran east on foot from there. Shortly after that, a resident in the 4700 block of Journey reported that a man ran into his open garage, took a white tee-shirt, and ran. This could be the suspect, who was previously seen wearing a numbered jersey.

The suspect is a white male or hispanic male 20-30 years of age, described has having multiple tattoos, and wearing a white shirt and black shorts.

If you have any info, call Sgt. Brent Barbee of the Crime Prevention Unit at 806-378-4257.