Oh living the 'American Dream,' that's all anybody wants.  Well, it just so happens Amarillo is one of the best places to do that.

Although it may be hard to determine what the American Dream is exactly, SmartAsset is giving it a try.  They have looked at several different criteria to determine where the best places to find this dream are.  They looked into 250 of the United States biggest cities to find the best ones.

According to SmartAsset, in order to live the American Dream, your city must have diversity.  This means both racially and ethically.  It must also have economic mobility.  This is a score that is meant to reflect the expected income percentile in adulthood.  The city must have a good homeownership rate with a good home value.  And lastly, the look at the unemployment rate.

With all of these things considered, Amarillo came in at number 16!  Sixteen out of 250, I'd say that is pretty awesome.  As a matter of fact, Texas scored really well overall with 12 cities in the top 25.

The number one place to find the American Dream is in West Valley City, UT.  For the full list, you can go here.

I always knew that Texas was a great place to live and know so does everyone else.  Now let's get back to this American Dream, how come bakeries were not included in this survey?  LOL.