Happy National Vanilla Milkshake Day.  Yes, it make just be a day to celebrate the vanilla milkshake which is delicious, but today we are going to celebrate the milkshake.  Here's some of the best places you can get the best milkshakes in Amarillo.

Ironically some of the best places in Amarillo to get a milkshake don't specialize in ice cream.

The Burger Bar - 614 S. Polk St.

The Burger Bar has some amazing burgers.  They are under new management and have done some remodeling so if it has been awhile since you have visited The Burger Bar, then you must stop by have a burger and try one of their AMAZING Milkshakes.  I will admit, the peanut butter is my favorite.

Yelp via Brianna D.


Blue Sky - 4201 W Interstate 40 or 5060 S Coulter St

Every time we go to Blue Sky my son always wants his burger, but he always wants a milkshake to go with it. I must admit their vanilla milkshakes are amazing!

Yelp via Christina A

Rockin Zebra Soda Shoppe - 404 15th St in Canyon (on the square)

This place is a throw back to the old soda shops in the '50s.  You know the kind you wished were still around.  Well Canyon has a gem in this place.  You can get some of the best milkshakes around.  I remember back in college I would frequent this place just for their Peanut Butter Milkshake.  I remember watching them take and ice cream scoop of peanut butter and mixing it with vanilla for the best shake around.

Yelp via Dani W.


Malcolm's Ice Cream and Food Temptations - 2100 Paramount

This great business in Amarillo has the best ice cream and milkshakes. You have to stop by and try one of their great milkshakes.

Yelp Via LJ W.

Chick-Fil-A - 45th and Coulter, 26th and Georgia, Westgate Mall

So we know this place has some of the best chicken nuggets known to man. But they also have some of the best milkshakes in town.

Yelp Via Rick S

If yours didn't make the list, then let us know where in Amarillo and Canyon, that you have found the best milkshake.