Setting off fireworks is a simple pleasure in Texas. We all do it, from adolescence into adulthood. But have you ever thought of setting off 20,000 pounds of explosives?

Well, last summer a group of Midland Police officers got to live out that dream in the most epic way. While it is totally legal to buy fireworks in the state of Texas if you're 18, you can not shoot off fireworks inside city limits. If police officers catch you in possession of illegal fireworks or fireworks in the city limits, it is their duty to confiscate them for your safety.

After a busy firework season in Midland, Texas, authorities rounded up over 20,000 pounds of illegal fireworks and needed to dispose of them safely. And what's the best way to get ride of a lot of fireworks fast? In true Texas style, you make a big pile and throw a match in them!

The Midland bomb squad reported this patriotic display took longer than 3 and a half days to burn though all of it.

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