There have been several sightings of scary clowns all over the country.  Why??  Scary clowns have invaded Palm Bay, Florida. Kelly Reynolds tells First Coast News that two of them scared her while she was walking her dog. “I saw them…two clowns just sitting there staring at me. I never run but I turned and ran back to my home as fast as I can. These clowns have to go away. ’ve been scared of clowns since Bobo the clown. There’s a lot of people who are scared.”

There have also been sightings in the New Orleans area.  Two people dressed as scary clowns entered a grocery store and and shopped.  They didn't cause any trouble.

In Kentucky, a scary clown was arrested and de-masked. He was waiting in a ditch for unsuspecting people to come by so he could scare them.

Full disclosure here:  I am scared to death of clowns whether they are "scary" or not!