Yep, you read that right, Poo at the Zoo.  The Fecal Fest is coming to the Amarillo Zoo and yes it is just like it sounds, a celebration of poop. 

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Don't miss out on this smelly event.  The Amarillo Zoo will have fun events surrounding the fecal matter.

Enjoy different exhibits that deal with different types of excrement from different types of animals.

Take part in a Bison "chip" contest

Learn Scatology

Plus, purchase unique gifts made from animal poo.

Are you convinced yet?  Well if not come anyway and spend a crappy afternoon at the Zoo.

Don't worry this event will be fun, entertaining and a different learning experiment.

Poo at the Zoo

Saturday, May 14th - 1-3p

Amarillo Zoo


Adult (13-61) $4

Senior (62 and up) $3

Children (3-12) $2

2 and Under Free