A study by the insurance company Sheila's Wheels reveals that men annually waste more than $3,000 in gas because they refuse to ask for directions when lost. Read on for other findings.  It has long been a cliche' about men not asking for directions. But now there's hard numbers proving that fact:

- Male drivers travel 276 unnecessary miles each year because they stubbornly reject help when lost.

- 25% of men wait at least 30 minutes before asking for directions when lost.

- 10% of male drivers refuse to ask a stranger for help.

- 75% of women have no problem with asking for directions when lost.

Men should do one of the following:

Either get a GPS (Use Google Maps on your phone)

Swallow your pride and ask for directions.

According to an article at psychcentral.com, there are basically 3 reasons men refuse to ask for directions.

  1. Men Don't Like Being Told What To Do
  2. Men Like To Win
  3. Men Want To Be Strong.

You can read the whole article by clicking HERE.