Let's face it Fall is here and all the fun things that go with the season.  Here's a few ways folks in Amarillo prepare for Fall.

  • Stock Up on Hoodies

    Hoodies are an essential part of any wardrobe in the Texas Panhandle.  You have to have a hoodie for every day of the week.  Plus, hoodies are widely accepted, no matter what the attire.  I have seen someone wear a hoodie with a formal underneath.  In fact, I know someone who has enough hoodies to wear a different one every day for a month.

  • Pumpkin Spice

    OK so the pumpkin spice thing has gotten out of control, but I have seen more people in Amarillo get excited for pumpkin spice.  I know the world goes crazy and flavors everything pumpkin spice, but its the coffee that wins in the Panhandle.

  • Stock Up on Your Favorite Team Football Shirts

    It doesn't matter if you are cheering on the Raiders, Dons, Sandies, Rebles, Longhorns, or Eagles you have to have your favorite high school team shirt.  Then once you have those you have to stock up on your WTAMU, Texas Tech and those other college shirts, hoodies, hats, etc.

  • Preparing Your Stomach

    Fall marks the kickoff to eating, a lot.  Fall means the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce's Good Times Celebration BBQ.  Fall also means the Tri-State Fair and all their fried food on a stick goodness, and all the tailgating.  So one must start preparing their stomach for some really great food.

  • Prepare for Impending Snow

    Fall is the perfect time to stock up on the things you'll need for the first snow.  Let's face it we'll get snow and you want to be prepared so buy the ice melt early.  Make sure you have the snow shovel ready to go, or already make sure you're on a list with folks who clean of your driveway after a city shutdown snow.  Plus stock your pantry with essentials so you don't have to fight the crowd in the grocery store during a snowpacalypse.