In today's world schedules are packed and most of the time, even the smallest of tasks has to be scheduled so there is time to fit everything into a day.  I have a crazy schedule and sometimes there just isn't enough time.  Grocery shopping is one of those things that is a necessary evil in my world.  We have to have groceries in the house, but to get them you have to go to the store.  I dread grocery shopping, and I have been in a crunch time this week and I just don't have time to grocery shop.  However, I needed to get some groceries.

I found a way to grocery shop without ever having to walk into the store.  I have been hearing and seeing some stuff about this new Walmart grocery shopping.  Every time I have been to Walmart, I have seen the orange signs with the arrows and Pick Up in their parking lot.  So I finally decided to check it out.  I got online and read a bit about it and then downloaded the app on my phone.  I was laying in bed grocery shopping.  I was picking out my items and putting them in my cart.  It wasn't just groceries either.  I also needed toothpaste and makeup as well.   So once my cart was filled I just clicked checkout.

Walmart Shopping App

It allowed me to pick a time to come and pick up my groceries.  I entered my payment information and paid. I received a confirmation and information on how to pick up my groceries a few minutes later.

Walmart Shopping App

So yesterday, about 15 minutes before my allotted pick up time, I got a phone call from Walmart and they said my order was ready.  So I drove to my chosen Walmart, followed the orange signs, pulled into one of the spaces.  I chose space #3, then called the number back and said I was there and in space #3.  About 5 minutes later a very nice woman named Michelle was at my car with my groceries.  She checked my ID and then showed me my invoice, and told me about any substitutions that had to be made and what they didn't have in stock.  She loaded my groceries in my car and I was on my way.

Not long after picking up my groceries, I received an email with my receipt and I was still able to input it in to my savings catcher app and earn money back.  So it was a win win!

It was the easiest grocery shopping I have ever done.

Oh and as a bonus, since it was my first time to use the Walmart Grocery Shopping I had a code in which I saved $10!

If you are in a crunch and don't have time to go to the store, I would recommend trying it out. It's simple and easy.