We usually post personals off of Craigslist that are guys looking for girls.  We decided to see how desperate the women are. These posts are not edited for spelling or grammar. They are edited for profanity.  Some are NSFW. 

Prince Albert (Amarillo Texas)

Lonely Sick Girl Wants to Chat (Amarillo)

So I have strep throat and I'm lonely and bored. Please send me a message! Please be interesting. I'm really nerdy, I read a lot and game constantly. I'm really big into World of Warcraft these days and also love Nintendo. Tell me your favorite thing to eat to weed out spam. Just try to be interesting and we'll see where it goes! ^-^ Thanks!

Cute young ginger girl (Amarillo)

Cute young ginger girl l$$king for a guy who wants me to keep him company and enable$ me to shop for cute clothes and stuff. Hmu