The Children's Miracle Network Radiothon is coming up this Thursday and Friday.  Here's a few of our families from year's past.

Sammy Sanchez

TSM Amarillo

Sammy began his junior year playing outside linebacker on the varsity football team. There was not anything that Sammy couldn’t do once he set his mind to it! One typical afternoon, we received a call – please come pick Sammy up from football practice; he was complaining that his back hurt. We picked him up (knowing that football boys are knocked around hard and fast on the football field) and immediately knew this was unlike a typical football injury.


Luke Reinbold


Lillea Salazar aka Rockstar

TSM Amarillo

Lillea is a fighter and has been since the day she was born.  Tiny is an understatement, but that tiny turned into AWESOME!   She is one of the reasons we do what we do for CMN.  From her small beginnings to her contagious personality Lillea is truly a rock star.

Cassidy Cross

The Cross Family


At the age of thirteen she was diagnosed with cancer. At the age of 13 she had a cancerous bone removed from her leg and went through 18 rounds of chemo. Cassidy beat cancer! Flash forward 5 years, during a routine check up, the doctors found cancer. When it comes to cancer the usual time they give before you are in the clear of it coming back is 5 years.

Caleb Loomis

Loomis Family

Looking back I can see God was there before time played out, and I can see Him now, holding us in the present.  My sister had called to ask what we were doing for the weekend.  She had a few days off and her family was thinking of visiting us.  This left the house busy and full of joy as we were all watching and waiting for our company to arrive.

William Taylor

TSM Amarillo

Back on a Tuesday in September (2011) Jenny received a phone call from the school nurse telling her that she thought William had the pink eye. Jenny called his pediatrician and she offered to call in a prescription for William, but something kept telling Jenny that she needed to go ahead and bring him in to the clinic. When the doctor had a chance to look at William she told Jenny that it wasn’t pink eye and it looked like something else and that she needed to take him over to BSA for a cat scan to rule things out.