A new survey by the recruitment firm Ajilon reveals that 75% of Millennials waste time at work by checking their social media accounts. They spend 33 minutes a day at work on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks. Read on more other findings. Are Millennials lazy?  Well check this out:

- 27% of Millennials play Pokemon Go at work

- The average employer loses $3,596 a year in lost productivity for each Millennial they hire

However, some disagree with the fact Millennials are bad people to hire.  According to an article in The Guardian, there are five Millennial stereotypes that are wrong. (we look at 3)

1) Millennials Set The Bar Too High Because Of A Sense Of Entitlement. Not so, according to London resident Sofia Niazi. She says the fact that work doesn’t pay as well as it used to and no longer guarantees much in the way of security means millennials feel it should at least be fulfilling or it simply isn’t worth it.

2) Millennials Are Lazy.  Millennials just believe in 'working smarter'. Why sit at a desk answering emails when you can do all that from a Cafe' and still get the work done.

3) Millennials Are Job Hoppers.  It's true that many Millennials have "one foot out the door".  According to a Deloitte Survey, 2 out of 3 Millennials hope to move on from their current job by 2020.  However, this isn't exclusive to Millennials.  The job figures for people in their 20's changing jobs is the same as it was in the 1980's.

So cut them some slack!  Millennials are not all bad workers.

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