What's going on?

The High Rise Apartments in Amarillo is Actually a Cool Place!
There is this high rise apartment building just off Georgia. We have all seen it, and know it's there and see it every time you pass Georgia on I-40 or drive on Georgia. You can't miss it. It's a cream colored building with blue all around.
Change is a Hard Pill to Swallow
Today is a milestone for my son and also myself. Today we find ourselves turning the page on one chapter and starting a new chapter. Those words make it sound easy, but the truth is, it's not easy, it's hard and it hurts the heart.
Amarillo is A Good Place to Retire
As you get older, you do start to think about retirement. Everyone always says when you are young, make smart choices and start your retirement fund early. At the time, you're like "nah, I'll have plenty of time." The older I get the more I realize that no, you won't have…
The WiFi/Cable Apocalypse Hit My House Yesterday
You know the saying you don't know what you've got til it's gone. Well that is exactly what happened yesterday at my house. We went back in time to the days where we did not have WiFi.
Back to School Safety Tips For Amarillo Parents and Kids
The first day of school is upon us, and will be here on Wednesday. I'm right along with you when I say, the summer went by so fast. However, here's something we always need to keep in mind as our kids go back to school and that is the safety of our kids.
Mostly Maintenance Closures Will Slow You Down this Week
Welcome to the start of a new work week and the start of school week. Lots of maintenance work going on this week. Just keep an eye out and be safe making your way through construction zones. As Wednesday rolls around be extra careful in school zones and areas around schools as our kids head back…
Celebrate the End of Summer with a Trip To Arlington
Back to school time is here and we are all getting back into our routines.  However, we still have some time to still enjoy summer before fall gets here.  That's why we have your chance to head down to Arlington and have some fun at Hurricane Harbor.