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Sesame Street Live! Coming to the Amarillo Civic Center
Get ready for "sunny days, sweepin' the clouds away," you'll be on your way with the characters you know and love. We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street. You'll find Sesame Street coming to the Amarillo Civic Center.
1¢ Whoppers in Amarillo, But You Have to Go To McDonald's
The two biggest fast food burger rivals are McDonald's and Burger King. The King and the Golden Arches have been going at it for years and years. Now Burger King has done something sneaky and is offering 1¢ Whoppers, but the catch is, you have to go to McDonald's and take The Whopp…
Different Christmas Traditions Celebrated in Amarillo
Christmas is a magical time of year and it is a time to make memories. Families all over the world celebrate Christmas with certain traditions. Some are fun and festive and others are just plain weird. However, we all have our traditions we love and here are a few from our friends here in Amarillo.…