Everybody is playing this game now. But, there are some side effects you might want to know about before you take up this game.  According to sheknows.com, here are some side effects you may get:

  1. You'll get more exercise.  You'll do a whole lot of walking trying to catch those little buggers.
  2. You could get a wicked sunburn. Make sure you wear sunscreen while hiking around the city.
  3. You'll See New Places.  Some of the PokeStops may be in places you've never seen before.
  4. You'll meet new people.
  5. You'll feel like a kid again.  Playing this game will remind you of when you collected those cards way back when.
  6. Leaving the house is much easier now.

Everything you need to know about getting started playing Pokemon Go can be found in one handy article from theverge.com.  Before downloading the app, check out this article.

Good luck playing and have fun!