Uncalled For Comments About The Panhandle Wildfires
UPDATE: Ashley released a statement and apoligy from her blog you can read the full blog HERE
It’s me, admitting I should’ve done my research instead of just trying to make a quick one liner after something a cohost said.
Of course I understand what I said hurt many people.  I also understand that it …
AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Launching U.K. Radio Show
AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson will marry his two main passions when he hosts the upcoming radio show ‘Brian Johnson’s Rockers and Rollers’ on BBC Radio 2. The program will run for six weeks and feature Johnson playing a wide selection of his favorite music, as…
UK Radio Station Plays Porno Sounds On-Air
Jazz FM listeners who normally tune in for smooth sounds instead heard some rough stuff when a UK station’s ‘Funky Sensation’ program played the full audio from a pornographic movie over the airwaves this weekend.