Travel and Leisure magazine recently did a survey to find out what the rudest cities in America are.  One Texas city made the list. 

1. Miami

2. Phoenix

3. New York City

4. Los Angeles

5. Philadelphia

6. Salt Lake City

7. Boston

8. Dallas

9. Colorado Springs, Colo.

10. Ann Arbor, Mich.

11. Detroit

12. Las Vegas

13. Providence, R.I.

14. Charlotte

15. Scottsdale, Ariz.

Here are some tips to NOT to be rude from an etiquette book written 100 years ago by Dr. Jeffris:

At The Table:  It is actually rude NOT to take the last piece of food from the table. Otherwise it may go to waste.

In Language:  Avoid asking questions that may offend the other person. Instead of saying "How's your brother?", say "I hope your brother is doing fine."

On The Street:  According to Dr. Jefferis, however, writer of 1904's Search Lights on Health, Men and women are expected to conduct themselves differently while walking down the street. Men are not to lurk in doorways. Whereas  Dr. Jefferis says when it comes to women, "Your conduct on the street should always be modest and dignified. Ladies should carefully avoid all loud and boisterous conversation or laughter, and all undue liveliness in public."

Specifically For Ladies:  Dr. Jefferis says, "No lady should cross her knees so that her skirts go up to or above them; neither should her foot be thrust out so that her toes are at knee level. An arm a-kimbo is not a graceful attitude, nor is a twisted spine! Everyone, of course, leans against a chair back… but a lady should never throw herself almost at full length in a reclining chair or on a wide sofa when she is out in public."

For The Men:  "Propriety is outraged when a man of sixty dresses like youth of sixteen. It is bad manners for a gentleman to use perfumes to a noticeable extent. Avoid affecting singularity in dress. Expensive clothes are no sign of a gentleman."

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