The Don Harrington Discovery Center is an awesome place to take the family to learn all about science.  They have great exhibits that stay around all year long including the Space Theater, but they also have traveling exhibits that they bring in for a short amount of time.  Since it is Fall they are unveiling a new exhibit.  This weekend they have a top secret exhibit that will be opening.

David Anderson

Top Secret: License to Spy sneaks into the Discovery Center on Saturday, September 24th.  The exhibit will stay through January 8, 2017.

You will become a secret agent and have to uncover facts and investigate different suspects to see if they committed a crime.

This James Bond-style fantasy brings high-tech equipment, exotic locations and mystery.

This exhibit will focus on all the science and technology of spying and espionage.

There will be 21 interactive exhibits which include satellites, hidden cameras, night vision, sound beams, code breaking and more to help you solve the mystery.

So make plans to bring the family out to spy at the Discovery Center this Saturday to experience their new exhibit Top Secret: License to Spy