Time for another installment of "Amarillo Rants And Raves" from Craigslist.  These are not edited for length or punctuation. They are edited for profanity. 

Kids left in car hide this posting

Second: Put down the g*******m phone ,and live a real life.

Third: All and any parents who leave a kid in a hot car and the kid dies should with in 3 days, be placed in a hot car and left, till they are dead. There IS NO excuse for forgetting your kid. No excuse at all.

Forth: this also should be the punishment for people who leave animals, either private or police, again how do you "forget" you partner/pet is with you?

To recent "nudist" posting (Amarillo) hide this posting

This isn't a rant aimed towards nudist out there. Quite the opposite. This is aimed at the fakers.

Naturalist, or nudist, is aimed at body acceptance, freedom, and being comfortable. It's not about sex at all. Recently I've seen post state..."Looking for other nudist. Just want to hang out naked and if something happens we can just roll with it." This is implying that you are wanting something to happen. Or the whole..."If an e******n happens, that's cool. It's natural to m*******te and take care of it...or we can take care of it together." Ma********n is natural. Doing it in front of others under the guise of nudism is not.

And remember, just because you're a nudist doesn't mean you are naked all the time. It's still awkward to invite a stranger in your home and to get all naked. Talk about things first. Find out likes and dislikes. Meet up at the mall for a bite. I personally feel that building a friendship is imparitive first unless you're going to be attending a nude resort or beach. Knowing that person makes the nudist experience that much better because you feel confident around them.

And in closing, this is coming from a sorta closet nudist. In early 30s and straight. So it's not a gay older guys agenda of how things should be but just something from someone that thinks before doing something that they might regret.

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Anyway I figure you are one of his kiss ass people or maybe work for him, your proper grammer in your email was well, lacking any coherent saying.

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I'm not sure who is supposed to be maintaining this tooth rattler but they should be fired. It should be closed out of respect for public safety. Especially at night. The thing should have been a 4 laner 2 decades ago.

A disgrace. I won't travel it again anytime soon.