I will admit, I was a fan of pumpkin spice.  I used to love a good pumpkin spice latte.  I love pumpkin bread, bars, pie, etc.  I would try a few of the pumpkin spice flavored stuff.  Now, I find myself cringing at the word pumpkin spice.  The thought of pumpkin spice actual makes me physically ill.  I am not looking forward to this year's influx of pumpkin spice.

Let's face it, when there is an idea, this world just doesn't do it small.  It goes big and it goes overboard.  So even though we aren't even in September or Fall, pumpkin spice will take over and in fact it is slowly taking over this world.  You just thought Christmas decorations in stores in August was bad.  Pumpkin spice everywhere is worse.

The bacon went to far.  Please make this insanity stop.  No more pumpkin spice please.