Everyone talks about 4th of July safety when it comes to fireworks. People injure themselves shooting of fireworks every year. However, fireworks can do damage even if they don't blow up in your hand!  You can suffer hearing loss when you blow stuff up.  Most firecrackers produce sound starting at 125dB.  Any noise above 85dB is considered unsafe.  Sitting a distance from the display well help you out.

Children are most at risk.  Get them some earplugs!  The simple foam ones will work fine.  If your child's ears are too small for the earplugs, get some scissors and cut the earplugs in half.

Over 10 million Americans suffered hearing loss due to loud noises.  Here's some of the warning signs:

  • You have to shout over the noise to be heard at arm's length
  • Pain in your ears after leaving a noisy place
  • Your ears are ringing after leaving a loud place
  • You have issues understanding speech after leaving a loud place.

Oh!  And don't forget about the dogs. Their hearing is more sensitive than humans. Firecrackers can agitate your pooch! More pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of the year.

Have fun this 4th, but be safe!