This construction is getting out of hand... but we have your answer for when it will be done!

If feel like you woke up in Lubbock this week after all these orange cones popped up in town, don't worry - the end could be in sight! On Thursday, September 15th, the City of Amarillo gave an update on the '2016 Overlay Project,' which is the main source of why there are so many construction areas and traffic delays around town.

Here is a list of the main construction zones and when they are projected to be finished according to The City of Amarillo.

  • Hillside

    Between Bell Street and I-27 is down to one lane and construction should be complete by October 15th.

  • Bell

    Between I-40 and S.W. 11th Avenue is in its final step and should be done within a week.

  • Georgia

    Georgia Street between S.W 34th and I-40 is expected to be finished after surface height is finished, which starts September 18th, 2016.