The dating website recently did a study on where the best looking people in the world live.  Read on for results. 

According to a survey of 41,643 American Men, here are the nations with the best looking women:

1. American
2. Armenian
3. Canadian
4. Cuban
5. Colombian
6. Filipina
7. Barbadian/Bajan
8. Australian
9. English
10. Italian

American men are in favor of the home team.  However, if you're wondering about Armenian women, you can thank the Kardashians for that. They are of Armenian decent.

According to a survey of 49,518 women, nations with the best looking men:

1. Canadian
2. American
3. Australian
4. Italian
5. Spanish
6. Korean
7. Irish
8. Chilean
9. English
10. Pakistani

American women think Canadian men are their ideal men. "Canuck" men have been deemed the sexiest; like Ryan Gosling or maybe Justin Bieber.  When I think of Canadian men, I think of Martin Short or Mike Myers.  Not exactly sex symbols.