A survey by the Connecticut firm of Prince & Associates reveals that 66% of people would marry an average-looking person if they had money. The average looking person would have to have at least $1.5 million for this to happen. Read on for other findings.

- 43% of the respondents said they'd probably end up divorced from their Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma.

- 75% of women in their 30s said they'd marry for money, compared to 41% of men in their 20s.

There are a bunch of websites you can go to if you want to be a sugar daddy.  Young women often use sugar daddies while attending school.  According to an article in "The Ranger", Amarillo College's newspaper, it's a common practice for students.

Two Texas universities rank in the top 15 schools for sugaring.  Texas State University ranks 10th and North Texas ranks 13th.

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