Some people are really picky about how romantic their marriage proposal is.  Would you turn the guy down if it wasn't romantic enough?  Then this story may be for you.A new survey by the jewelry brand Vashi reveals that 67% of women have turned down a marriage proposal because it was not romantic enough. Other findings:

  • Only 6% of women want a flash mob marriage proposal.
  • 11% of women expect their partner d to be extravagant when asking for her hand in marriage.
  • 53% of women have rejected a marriage proposal because they did not like the ring
  • 81% of women want their man to get down on one knee when proposing

A Louisiana State University football player got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend on the 40 yard line of the LSU football stadium. She happily accepted his proposal and they are now engaged. Is that romantic enough?  I think for a football player, it's as thoughtful as it gets.