It's the same old problem day after day... lunchtime rolls around and you only have a short amount of time to run out, grab something, and get it down before you have to be back on duty at work. Yes, you would love to go to a cool place, sit down, order, take your time eating, and casually get back to work. But let's be honest, ain't noboby got time for that!

I struggle with this everyday, so here is my picks for some of the 5 fastest ways to get lunch in Amarillo. Note: I left out the usual fast-food suspects like McDonalds, Whataburger, and Taco Bell since we already know they are quick and sometimes you just don't want the same fare everyday.

  • 1

    Jason's Deli

    7406 W 34th Ave

    Jason's has some very good food with lots of choices. To make it a quick experience, order online then go to the location and use the dedicated carry-out door to grab your order. Since you paid online, you are all set.

    Credit: Jason's Deli
  • 2

    Crazy Larry's BBQ

    4315 Teckla Blvd

    A great BBQ joint with a drive-up window? Yes please! Crazy Larry's drive-thru is crazy fast and very friendly service. They do a great job of keeping the bbq ready to serve so you don't spend much time at all waiting in the line. Go with the Frito Pie (make it a moose) for a very tasty lunch.

    Credit: Amarillo Magazine
  • 3

    The Potato Factory

    2808 SE 34th Ave

    This place makes the list for a couple reasons. First, they are quick to serve and have a drive thru for convenience. Second, they are something unique, which is nice to take a break once in a while from the same old fare. Look out for their daily specials. Oh, and the portions can be huge!

    Credit: Guster Road Journal
  • 4

    United Supermarkets Deli & Salad Bar

    Dash in to grab a fresh salad or something home-style off the hot foods bar. Good variety featuring smoked beef brisket, macaroni & cheese, and fried chicken. Many of the stores even have a dedicated check-out line for this area so you don't have to wait on the rest of the grocery shoppers.

    Credit: YELP
  • 5

    Sharky's Burrito Company

    1612 S Georgia St

    Good food, good prices, and good at handling a large lunch crowd. The parking lot can get a little cramped, so it's never a bad idea to go a little before or after the lunch crowd. Fun place to carry out or take a couple minutes to sit and eat.

    Credit: Sharkey's