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Getting Revenge on A Women For Her Dog's Smelly Business
This is a story that is flying around the internet, still unknown if it really did take place. A passenger's revenge story: On the Delta airlines flight from LA to Tokyo. A Guy was flying business class, and on his way to the gate he notice a lady's dog was doing " its business&am…
A Billionaire Giving Away Free Money!
Almost 20 years ago, soon as he became a billionaire he just decided to give it all away. Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife founded the Omidyar Network. 'everyone has the potential to make a difference,The Network' helps people. Rebuilding communitys that are in need. Feeding the hu…
The Power Rangers Reboot Trailer is Here
Back in 1993, Haim Saban  the owner of Saban Entertainment had seen a show in Japan and thought to himself a show like this could work in America. It took five years before Fox Kids took the chance on the series to be known as The Power Rangers.
Carlos Mencia Returns To Amarillo For One Night Only
Are you ready for a great night filled with laughs?  Well, we have it for you!  Carlos Mencia is returning to Amarillo for one night only.
It always seems like forever between visits from comedians.  But it is happening, 'The Latin Comedy Jam' Presents Carlos Mencia...

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