Hip-hop was changed forever after Suge Knight gave his infamous speech at the 1995 Source Awards in New York. The then Death Row Records honcho stood onstage and delivered his screed, “Any artist out there that wanna be an artist, stay a star, and won’t have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the records, dancing - come to Death Row!”

Suge’s comments would be the catalyst for the so-called East Coast Vs. West Coast beef, that will ultimately take the lives of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. The story goes that Suge was aiming his vitriol at Diddy, who was on top as the CEO of Bad Boy Records. But apparently, that wasn’t the case.

In an interview on the popular Drink Champs podcast, the rap mogul dropped a major hip-hop bombshell by revealing that Suge Knight’s infamous 1995 Source Awards speech was directed at none other than Jermaine Dupri of So So Def Records.

Diddy would later explain that he was cool with Suge and that he was cordial with him every time he traveled to California. "Suge would pick me up from the airport," he said. "I would be networking with the brother."

After the Source Awards, the 47-year-old executive would later talked to Suge at the famed Tunnel nightclub and asked him about his remarks. “[Suge] said ‘Nah, I was talkin’ about Jermaine Dupri,'" recalls Diddy.

At the time, Diddy was running New York and getting major paper so he didn't want a feud to pop off because he wasn't on that vibe. "It was honestly the scariest situation in my life because the level of power that we had," he explains. "That wasn't where my heart is at."

"I just wanted everyone to get money, be fly and dance," he added.

Watch the clip above and be prepared to get your mind blown.

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