This is a story that is flying around the internet, still unknown if it really did take place. A passenger's revenge story: On the Delta airlines flight from LA to Tokyo. A Guy was flying business class, and on his way to the gate he notice a lady's dog was doing " its business" in the middle of the terminal of LAX.

A passing passenger was trying to point out her dog's issue to her, but she was to busy on her phone.

After that the guy went on with his traveling, but he did see the women again. This time at the Tokyo Gate with her barking dog. So he just sat down next to her and asked her " Are you going to London on business?"

Then boom she was heading down the terminal hallway. The guy wanted too be thanked after for the thought of helping her out of a jam. With no gate 53C, he just doesn't know if she made to the plane back on time, no dog's barking was heard.

Is this story true? Click and you be the Detective (NSFW).