Boo Ball was a success, especially by Boo Ball standards. In the midst of all the fun, I learned a lot.

Credit: Shannon Lewis TSM Amarillo

First, I learned that Rocky Horror Picture Show is alive and well. The fan base for our favorite midnight movie is strong as ever. I took enough selfies with people at Bodegas to make Kim K jelly.

Second, I learned that social media can always  get creepier. My "DMs" started filling up with the strangest pick-up lines I have ever experienced in my 34 years of taking up the world's oxygen supply.

Third, I learned that if you work for a big corporation the easiest way to get your corporate overlord's attention is to buy fishnets and a corset.

Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo

Now Lonestar boasts a couple of major achievements. We are the reigning champions of the Baconfest Cook Off, and now we have the distinction of being recognized across Townsquare Media for my Halloween costume.

I just had to wear heels and women's underwear to make it happen. Told you it would be something to remember.

A huge thank you to Shannon, my digital editor, who took this photo. She does a lot of amazing work and doesn't get enough credit for it.

A big thank you to my girlfriend (sorry ladies) for doing a fantastic job on the makeup and helping pick out the heels.

My apologies to all of the ladies at Dillard's that were there while I was picking out heels.