Nelly Joy and her husband, Jason Reeves, have created a unique sound that is gaining popularity.

The voices of High Dive Heart have seen top spots on the music charts before. Nelly Joy was a singer for The JaneDear Girls, who had a hit song "Wildflower" in 2011. That same year, Jason Reeves's solo album, 'The Lovesick,' was in the top five iTunes Pop Albums. He also wrote several songs with Colbie Caillat that went on to become hits.

Now, the two have collaborated on their first album, 'Sonic Graffiti.' Their music is technically pop, but has a very unique sound. Apparently, that sound has caught the attention of listeners, who have boosted the single, 'Vintage,' to #44 on the Top 100.

Nelly Joy was born in Abilene and raised in Amarillo. She went to Abilene Christian University and relocated to Nashville to start her music career.

On the first anniversary of High Dive Heart's album release, Nelly shared her excitement about hearing 'Vintage' on an Amarillo radio station.

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